Plan Management

CODA can provide Plan Management of your funds. We are all about tailoring our services to meet your needs. We actively work with you and your stakeholders to develop plans that empower, encourage and support you to maximise your potential and deliver outcomes. Your Support needs and expectations are identified during our initial process and monitored and reviewed ongoing.

We can help by working through a budget with you, allocating supports and services where it is most needed. Alternatively, you may have this all worked out already and we can further assist by:

  • organising and sourcing providers and their payments
  • processing of expense claims
  • providing you with regular statements of your funding
  • assisting to increase your skills in managing funding supports in your plan

CODA can assist in negotiating and coordinating the provision of support individualised for you. You can change the level of support for plan management or case management as needed as you develop skills. CODA supports the principles of choice, control and dignity.

Contact CODA today and discuss the right services for your needs.