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Established in 1989, a group of parents founded CODA out of concern for the welfare of their sons and daughters with a disability when they were no longer able to provide the level of support needed to maintain them at home. After successfully lobbying the local and state government, CODA was born, and became an approved association in September 1991 forming an in-home respite service.

Today CODA is an established small to medium sized organisation that has expanded to create innovative services designed to suit the individual needs of the person with a disability and their carers. Recognising the ongoing changes in people’s lifestyles, CODA endeavours to provide flexible services that meet the needs of the clients, carers and community.

Developing a range of programs which incorporate Community Participation and linking has enabled CODA to promote community awareness and support for people with a disability and their carers and facilitate positive links with other organisations and associations interested in the support of people with disabilities and their carers.

CODA fully supports and recognises individual’s ability to make their own choices and decisions and work with individuals and families to develop plans for support that recognise those choices and facilitates opportunities for growth and change.

CODA welcomes the changes to the industry under a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is ready to work collaboratively with you, to support you in a way that best meets your needs; with as little or as much help from CODA as you choose.

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